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    RF-25 or Baileigh vid-15 Realistic Depth of Cut

    Can anyone tell me what the realistic depth of cut a person can take using a round post mill like an RF-25 or Baileigh vfd-15? Additionally, would a round post mill be suitable for machining small titanium parts for knives?
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    Overpaying Due to Inflation-Buying New

    I know a lot of folks are going to say that they bought the same machine 3 y/ago for way less but unfortunately we are being screwed by inflation. I am looking at a Baileigh VMD-15 and after all taxes, shipping etc it will be 4K to my door. I know that’s expensive but wanted some different...
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    Looking for a lifetime mill to buy

    I’m probably going to buy new because the used market is insane. I have it down to a Baileigh VMD-15 and a Craftex cx611. I want a tool to last until I die and never be stuck without replacement parts so I lean towards the Baileigh as it’s a mill drill style. I want to know how much accuracy...