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  1. mprozycki

    Another drafting question! :)

    Hey guys, It's been a few months since I've posted but I'm nearing the point of moving forward with having a part from "Ball-Socket Joints" project CNC machined. I had some really good help from a fellow member (PeterT) with creating a clean technical drawings, which i implemented right away...
  2. N

    Machining Help!

    I’m not an experienced machinist. How do I learn more about cutting metal?
  3. J

    New Member in Cold Lake

    Glad to join a good local forum. I'm looking forward to chatting and sharing tips and tricks. My main interest is machining, but I'm into welding and blacksmithing too. Nice to meet you all!
  4. R

    TOM Makeathon, Calgary.

    This is Richard Lushai, from Tikkun Olam Makers (TOM) in Calgary. My background is in mathematics and mechanical engineering technology. I work as a mechanical design consultant with experience in plastics design and rapid prototyping. TOM puts together teams of designers, engineers, trades...
  5. CalgaryPT

    Cool Radius Machining Tip for Nubes

    So sorry as I know many of you know tips like this to be grade school stuff. I just have a mini mill in my shop that I can barely use, but is essential when needed. I saw this tip today and thought...darn...that's smart! I don't have a rotary table, but this looks like a good solution in some...
  6. CalgaryPT

    Z Bender ??

    Hey you machining types...have any of you ever made a larger scale version of one of these? It's a Z Bender used in the model plane field. There are also pliers that do a similar job. But I was wondering if anyone has made a beefed up version of one of these for heaver rod? I was thinking even...
  7. K


    Hi. My name is Karl. I live in Champion Alberta, about 137 km south east of Calgary. I own a small shop that I work out of doing custom metal shaping and light forging/smithing. I joined this forum to be able to talk with other metal workers and also to find inspiration from other people's work...
  8. CalgaryPT

    Hardened Steel Jaws for Wood Handling - Can These Be Machined?

    Hi everyone—I'm just fishing around right now, but I may have a big project over the winter building a customized wood handling machine for a friend. One of the components on it is a set of steel jaws, which I think would need to be hardened. I don't have all the details yet...but basically they...