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  1. Xyphota

    Budget Power Drawbar for Bridgeport from Ebay

    Last week I purchased a relatively budget friendly power drawbar from ebay for about $250 CAD. I get limited time in the shop and I felt tool changes were taking up a frustratingly large proportion of time so a power draw-bar was a must. The kit was fairly straight forward to install, but I did...
  2. That-Guy

    Bridgeport 2J

    So, I did it AGAIN...... Saw a machine for a good price and decided to drag it home. I seem to find happiness in impulse buying rust. When I looked at it the spindle was locked, but spun free in neutral, and the ways looked decent from what I could see. So I went for it. Whats the worst...
  3. Xyphota

    Diagnosing Noise in Bridgeport Series 1 J-Head in High Gear

    I was finally able to get around to wiring up a plug and run my mill for the first time, but there is a pretty good rattling coming out of the head when in high gear. The noise goes away in low gear. I took a short video to show the noise in action. My first guess as to the origin of the...
  4. Xyphota

    Evaluating bridgeport ways and what to do about them

    Hello everyone! I recently purchased my first mill which is a 1963 9"x32" Bridgeport Series 1, which I believe to be in generally good shape but as I am a complete noob, I wanted to hear some extra opinions. Upon delivery the y-axis was incredibly hard to turn and after removing the y-axis gib...