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Yard sale and FB Marketplace finds


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It has been a good month for me in terms of finding some desired tooling on Marketplace or at garage sales.

Since I sold my small shaper I have had no easy way to cut a keyway in pulleys or hand wheels. Luckily I came across this Minute Man set of broaches that will fit the bill. They looked to be barely used. Although no "you suck" price I happily paid the $100 asking.

20220910_133006.jpg 20220910_132913.jpg

Next while looking to buy a 3/4" counterbore for a project I happened across a set of Butterfield counterbores for $90. Some of the smaller sizes were missing but I already have those. May still replace them as my current ones have solid pilots and I like the ones with replaceable pilots.
20220910_133041.jpg 20220910_133049.jpg
While neither of these sets will get used often , at the price they fall in the category of best have and not need than need and not have.

Yesterday while searching the ads for yard sales I notice a sale for a drill press that had some extra chucks sitting on it's table. When I asked about the chucks themselves seller told me they went with the press. He told me if he did not sell the press he would separate the chucks for his next sale in two weeks.

I inquired as to how much he intended to ask for the two chucks. He said $25 for both. I said I would pay $50 if he sold them to me now. He eagerly accepted. Not bad for a Jacobs 6A 1/2 chuck and a Jacobs 18n 3/4" ball bearing super chuck. Both chucks have the MT2 arbor I need

20220910_125801.jpg 20220910_125826.jpg

As I said, it has been a good month.


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Oh man lucky you. I keep wishing I'd find a set of broaches I could afford (I can't justify spending much on them) but they seem to be very rare.


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$100 for those broaches is a steal.
BC Auction had an almost identical set that went for $350.
I don't think I'm down $350 yet but certainly more than $100 for the broaches and guides. In fact I need to make a guide for a 14mm hole this weekend. Steel this time since I'm broaching steel. For aluminum castings this has worked quite well.


Yes. It's 3D printed...