World's Largest Tree Crusher


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I made the eight plus hour drive to Mackenzie B.C. last Sunday. I saw this on the way to our hotel. I stopped and got some pictures of it. It had two V12 Cummins engines for power. They were probably VT1710's 600 HP plus each. Its a big machine the rollers are 30 feet wide and 8 feet tall.


sqGM6Ev.jpg 7LDZGQR.jpg

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Wow! Quite the machine! Farmers around here would love it. But in my opinion, quite wasteful. Hardwood should harvested not shredded. But I have some poplar forest I'd love to shred......


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Nothing got wasted in Mackenzie when all the mills were running. At the peak, two sawmills, a planer mill, a pulp mill, and a paper mill. The crusher made roads to get better stuff to the mills. The mushed up residue went to the pulp mill for chips and as hog fuel.

only one sawmill now, Mackenzie is 3700 people now, in the late 90s was 6000.

A good place to bring up kids, if you don't mind snow.


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A Letourneau mechanic told me that the bolts Letourneau uses in their machinery have
a double helix thread and are very expensive. He also told me that the switches that control
the 600 volts to the drive motors were $8000 each and there were several of them. That
was over 20 years ago.


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I worked in Mackenzie when they were building the first mill for Alexander Forest Products in 1967 I was on the trim saw and then the cut off saw. They were clearing the land for the town that year if I recall