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Tool Wells Setting kneemill x Axis powerfeed ...for parts?



I have this Wells Setting X-axis powerfeed and works..except the nylon gear in the bottom was stripped previously and cant seem to find a replacement - none of the 5 current clones even come close to fitting. I used it for quite a while just as a general 'travel' mechanism but indeed with the occassional skipped tooth, it cant leave a consistent finish.

Not sure if someone would want to turn this into something else/project...such a shame to toss away because the rest of the unit seems (very) solid. Not putting it under Classifieds as if there is someone here that has a gear or could use it for parts, then we could work out a deal - located in Calgary


Tom Kitta

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What is the size of the gear? I have machinable plastic. I technically could use a power feed for my old English milling machine but its a WWII vintage and has Z axis as a square rod. So it may be just easier to have a motor connected somewhere else not on the rod itself.


Cut yourself a new gear? Nylon is pretty easy to work with.
If you want yourself a project, go for it. Would suggest you take a close look on how these are designed because they are 1) many teeth 2) odd numbered/non-evenally divisible 3) the teeth are slanted, not perpendicular.
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