Welding gas

Colten Edwards

Other than kmstools is there any other place to purchase a 110# mig or tig gas cylinder?

Drove 600km to find out Kms does not have any


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Try Facebook market place, at least around here there are a few guys selling recert and new cylinders


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I bought a larger tank, but it considerable more expensive (and still some kind of lease, legal thing).


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Just a further note on refills, I recently purchased a Tig welder, c/w a small argon bottle. I took the cylinder to Air Liquid in Grande Prairie, and they did an exchange for the price of gas. No contract. He said it was a Prax Air cylinder and they have an agreement to exchange hobby size cylinders between Prax Air and Air Liquid.


I've been leasing bottles from Air Liquide for close to 30 years. Every year the price was always climbing until i was paying over $130 per year per bottle. I went in to complain and they offered me a 3 year lease on 16 and 22 size bottles (100 and 120 cf) for $120. For $40 per year it almost seems reasonable.

Tom O

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I’ve never leased any bottles I’ve always bought them outright then it’s just pay for gas and exchange the bottles it doesn’t get easier than that.