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Welding a driveshaft yoke.


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Yea I wouldn't worry, I was more refering to the comment about the driveshaft loop

Looks pretty clean, at least until that first mudhole :D what tires are going on this thing in the end ?
I certainly had a driveshaft loop on my GT6 when racing it.
Since the Bronco body and fenders already had been cut and flares installed I’m going with a manageable sized 31.5” X 10.5” on 15” rims.
I doubt the truck will be off-road anytime to soon, as soon as I’ve broken in and debugged everything for about 500 miles it’s going on the market. I have a 69 I’m building for personal use.


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I modified quite a few driveshafts in my time, and I was told (can't remember who) that manufacturers spec was .025 runout. I know every shaft I had in the lathe had some runout before I started on it..


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I have made a few driveshafts in my time and was always in a sweat about accuracy. I was told by a speed shop guy that factory spec is 25 thou runout allowed. So the next shaft that came in to be shortened, I checked it before I cut...yeah he was right.


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it came out fine, I did tack it, had a pro weld it, checked runout, no movement. After everything gets shaken down with the drivetrain running while on blocks, both front and rear drive shafts are going out for balancing.
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What engine is that, guessing 302 or 351?
The factory front yokes can be a bit of a weak link when making good power, the spline portion tends to candy cane at > 500HP. Should be fine with your setup, but if you ever upgrade.
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