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Wanted DA 100 collets & small milling table

Tom Kitta

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I just got a Rusnok mini mill for my dad such as this one -
model 80 but it came with zero tooling and even milling table was removed. Rusnok are US made mini mills dedicated to making precise small parts with high speed 5200 rpm spindle.

Thus I am looking for some collets - I happen to have 5 DA 180 collets but the machine takes DA 100 (double angle collets). I can get new ones from the US, US made 8 for $65 USD plus shipping but was wondering whatever anyone has them laying around and wants to get rid of them for cheap - same way I don't need my DA 180 for anything.

Also small milling table. I can get one made in China from the US about 2x heavier then BusyBee model for $120 USD (about 200+ CAD to the door) but was wondering if someone has one they don't need and would part with it for less. Of course I would love to have the original table.


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That's a cool machine. I was more curious about the collets because (yet another) system I had not heard much of.
Techniks brand which are supposed to be very good via Amazon of all places.

individual, not sure of country of origin or specs

ebay at strangely variable prices

That's a high spindle speed. Maybe you want good concentricity depending on what he will be doing with it

Tom Kitta

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Well the DA system is recommended for drilling - but I guess light milling is OK as well. Its a US system. Sizes are from biggest to smallest DA 180, DA 100, DA 200 and DA 300.

The DA 100 largest size is 9/16th which sort of fits the machine where largest recommended end mill size is 3/8.

DA = double angle.

I assume the tool is grabbed from both ends.

The machine was designed in the 50s with some minor upgrades along the way. They were still recently made and cost was ... super high... we are talking upwards of $4000 USD for the mill and table (!!!). The website is still there and it seems the company that makes these is still in business. They also make small precision drill press.