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Walmart.ca surprising.

combustable herbage

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I was surprised at the amount of lathe parts and accessories they have, They have the vevor mini lathes at what I thought was an ok price and it doesn't look like you pay any shipping for curbside pickup. $509 for a 7X14 up to 1400 for an 8X16 luxury model. For sure some of the stuff is not the best quality but in the end its probably similar stuff to what amazon sells.


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Post a link please. I've never seen anything lathe related popup for Wallmart.


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It's amazing what Walmart sells. I needed a couple of those plastic push rivets for my F250. They are used in the engine compartment to secure hoses, radiator shrouds, etc. The dealership wanted $14 each for them because...well, they are made from Gypsy tears apparently.

Oddly enough I got a whole bag of them from Walmart for $19.95. Granted, they took a month to get here, but I felt like setting up a booth outside Ford and selling them for $11.95 each. By end of day I would have been about $1180 richer.
Wamart has copied the model of selling products of others on it's platform, BestBuy has done it for years. Not exactly sure on the payout scheme but it an extra revenue stream and logisitics. Not as diverse a Amazon.