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VFDs and Emergency Stops


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Have you done a search on your vfd on YouTube re set up or review, you'd be surprised at you may find. My VFD had a full setup video including some of the silliness that is involved.


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It's the vevor (edit: fix autocorrect) unit. I finally found the torque compensation feature and got it running properly.


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On a previous inexpensive VFD I used there was a low voltage control specifically for an E-stop that would brake as quickly as (I assume) the VFD could handle. It was noticeable quicker to stop when I tested it than the usual power off command.

There should never be any disconnects between the VFD and the motor.

Higher end VFDs usually have have the option of an external braking resistor for quicker stops, I haven’t seen that on any of cheap ones I’ve used.
Absolutely no disconnects should be used. I set the spin up to whatever I want, usually 5 seconds, and the spin down to 1 second on my mill. I have no braking resistor...would be nice, but.
I can hear the buzz as the VFD injects DC current, and it stops in 2-3 seconds depending on the speed settings I'm on.


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and it stops in 2-3 seconds depending on the speed settings I'm on.

Mine is directly proportional to the setting at 60Hz and the setting itself is for 60 hz. In other words, if you set it to stop in 6 seconds it will stop in 6 seconds at 60 Hz, 3 seconds at 30 Hz, 1 second at 10Hz, and 12 seconds at 120 Hz.