Unable to host IMGUR pictures

Dan Dubeau

Ultra Member
This is a feature that used to work, but stopped sometime a few weeks to a month ago. Any idea if it's fixable?


Anything I'm doing wrong on my end? I haven't changed the way I do it at all, but I've tried a few different things to no avail. The above picture loads just fine in the post dialog, but when I post the thread is shows up as a red "x".


Are you posting a url here to another site? I’m not following exactly. There is something in the rules about not posting content that is loaded from other sites as it tends to break over the longer term. E g photo hosting sites - if you stop paying (we’re all gonna die at some
point) they stop hosting and then your posts suck as the images are missing. We’ve got a rule against this practice but practically speaking we’ve never enforced it.