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Machine Tumbler Gear



New Member
I have a Busy Bee B2227L 10 x 18 inch lathe. Wondering if anyone has a plan to build a tumbler gear for this lathe. This allows reversing the threading feed to allow cutting left-hand threads. Thanks


I Tried, It Broke
Premium Member
For my B2227L, I did a bunch of thinking on this, and decided that the mechanics were more effort than the value. My choice was to install one of @jcdammeyer ‘s ELS electronic lead screw controllers, and now I have pushbutton control of lead screw operation without the need for change gears and should be able to cut RH or LH threads.

My write up is under ELS Electronic Lead Screw Concept, do a search for jcdammeyer and you’ll find tons of stuff, John designed and produces an ELS controller board.
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