Trying to identify a collet holder/collets

Brent H

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I got a tip from @architect aboit some possible 30 taper tool holders for my mill so I went and got them. They are interesting- more than likely CNC machine as they depth limit the tool and have five collet sizes - 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8 and 3/4. The four I picked up came with some other stuff that all sorta fits?
The other items:

There are three of these and look to bolt onto a machine - the one end takes a collet with a nut and I have 2 x1” collets and 1 x 1/2” one - two retaining nuts

There are 4 other plates that the collets thread into and could then be bolted to a machine:

C6FE2CC3-E622-4146-96AE-133A21D98CF7.jpeg 19F79054-F9B7-464D-B30E-D7852DF2FE88.jpeg
There are some smaller collets with locating pins in the sides of them. E4F30942-15C8-46CC-825B-FDA993387097.jpeg
This is one collet with manufacturing marks:

If anyone can perhaps identify/show how things go together or can use some of the items (not the 30 tapers ;) ) please let me know. I have a part plan to use some of the other stuff but would rather see it fit back onto a machine that needs it.

Brent H

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Great info!
I plan to set up the 4 x 30 tapers with 4 different tools and that will be that for them. Should work out well - can even put a tongue on the back of the tools if required - will see.

the other items I will have to see if there is a re-purpose for them. Might have a use on the tool cutter/grinder.

Tom Kitta

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Clarkson uses threaded endmills - I have two of these chucks. Collets look quite different. They have a lip at the bottom and inside thread.