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Truing a 12" sanding disc: YYC

This is the downside to posting videos directly: there's 8000 (well not literally) codecs and formats. The other downside is that you dont know whats in the zipfile from a virus perspective - this mostly affects windows users


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A bunch of us can reface your disc. You could make a static balancer out of bearings and blocks, which will get you very close. There qreat ways to preserve the dynamic balance, but that will depend on how material is taken off. (large decision tree type stuff).

The best thing is to mount it on the lathe true to the bore and measure with a plunge or test indicator how out of true it is. The short story is if you are taking out a skim at one position (say 3 o'clock), you take off the BACK a similar amount of metal on the opposing side (for instance 9 o'clock).

There are shops that will dynamically balance it for you, but that will cost you more than the plate is worth.
There are shops that will dynamically balance it for you, but that will cost you more than the plate is worth.

Getting a crankshaft balanced is only a couple hundred bucks isnt it?

Replacement discs, if I can find one, will run me $100 on ebay.

A new combo 6x48 belt/12" disc stationary sander of this quality will run me 800+, used if I can find one is north of $300. I paid $60 for the unit and have spent maybe $40 on bearings and bits to refurb it. I've got some space budget-wise to get it into good running condition.
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Neighbour just bought a craftex cx709 - we're going to try and skim a bit off the face to true it up to the bore. I found a driveline service place that figures they can rebalance the disc for $50 if they dont have to add metal - wont know for sure until they get it on the balancer, but worst case is I'm out $50 for them to try.