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Other Toolboxes with a drawer for the bible

Just so everyone can tell. I am not nor have I ever played a machinist. Is the Kennedy toolbox the only toolbox with a drawer for the book? I have a pdf on my tablet but it would be nice to have a paper book in the garage.


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I've an old gerstner with the drawer, more of insert really, the whole thing pulls out, book and cradle if you can call it that. I don't use the drawer. I guess in a commercial setting where you felt you needed lock everything up it makes sense, but I'm a home shop guy and find a shelf more convenient for books.
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If anybody in the GTA area is looking for a machinist toolbox PROJECT, give me a shout. The box is largely functional right now, including the drawer for Machinist's Handbook, but needs refurbishing. It is metal-clad and the paint is...bad. A couple drawers stick. The carry handle needs replacing, etc. $20 or equivalent trade? Pickup in Oakville.

(Belonged to the grandfather of a buddy of mine. At one point, I thought I could make use of it...)

Dan Dubeau

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Gray and Beach made top boxes boxes with the bible drawer too. There was just a Gray on market place in the GTA a few days ago. Might still be there.