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Timing Belt - Mail order supplier reference


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I just received some timing belts for my cnc-mill from an outfit in the USA called vbeltguys.com The belts on this mill are Continential HTD 8M pitch, and about ~20" long. The y-axis doesn't have a tensioner and it wicked tight (too tight i believe as I cannot move it -- at all).

I wanted to order a variety of lengths, and didn't want to go to napa or auto-value etc. as they are never very helpful sourcing a car-part without a car-reference. I found this site, and like it as it detected I was from canada and auto-switched to show canadian pricing etc.

The shipping was about ~18 bucks and I ordered 8 belts (branch is D&D Synchro power bel) and all 8 arrived as ordered. Average belt price was between 4 and 5 bucks. I had the choice to order by length/width etc.



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