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TEMU another direct to consumer cheap product vendor


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Yet another direct to consumer Chinese vendor hits the nation. They've been in the US a while now which gives us a little indication of how our experience may go.

TEMU has lots of reviews but not the best reputation. They rely on social media influencers. I read so many reviews where the "purchaser" even says "I haven't used it yet but it was well packaged" or looks good...

Their prices dont seem to be that attractive even for a grand opening sale. But I did want to check them out and see if they can live up to the hype.

The trouble was finding something I actually wanted, needed. So I found aluminum brazing rods. I doubt they're AL3 alloy but I'll see how they do. I plan to 'weld" aluminum hull plates for my wm lyon mackenzie fireboat model. I had contemplated using steel plates as per the original ship but welding them would be beyond my skills.

The site provides conflicting and inaccurate descriptions via the following two images



They also have that knock off smith torch on sale for $17.18 so I figured why not try it, amazon has the same torch for $68.

Free delivery by: Mar 12-19, if arrives after that date allegedly they will give me a $5 credit.


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Update on TEMU vendor

It appeared to me from their website that this company was Canadian service based like Vevor is. using a fulfillment house located in southern BC but from their shipment tracking I see they ship direct from China. So what this means is that it is possible to be hit with unexpected and unbudgeted duties on items. That dont fly with me.

Worse yet, the energy intensity to fly individual items is far more than shipping a container ship filled with inventory to sit in Canadian warehouse. It means no Canadian jobs at all.

So this will be likely be my only Temu purchase


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While I was out at the shop saying goodbye to the CT042 1440 lathe my package came from Temu

Nothing to indicate any duties owed or anything. Everything as it should be. fair bit of stuff for the price.

Packing was not that great, just all stuffed into a plastic envelope, not real padding per se, I guess they expect the PCBs to protect the box inside the envelope from damage ;)

Now I can assemble a few more battery packs and make two more ryobi 18v based power packs for use other than in a ryobi tool


IMG_20230317_132023603 (1).jpg