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Surface Plate Calibration

Hey everyone. Does anyone know who in Ontario does surface plate calibration/resurfacing. I’ve seen a number of guys on Youtube getting it done but am stuck trying to find a similar service in Ontario..... or Canada for that matter. I am looking for a “come to my shop” guy. The plate is in really nice shape but I want it calibrated/resurfaced as my “starting point”. Further, where can I get my other stuff calibrated (gage blocks, micrometer, digital and analogue callipers and indicators)? Thanks!!


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There's a metrology company in Vancouver that no longer travels to your shop. Their equipment go damaged while traveling to Alberta to recondition a clients digital coordinate machine (!).

Look up 'metrology' in your area. It will not be inexpensive. The price I was quoted 10 years ago made it a lot cheaper to buy a new, mounted Mitutoyo A grade surface plate.