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Tips/Techniques Suppliers and sources

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I have a fair selection of suppliers and sources though you can never have enough because in a lot of cases you know the tooling/parts/material exists just finding it in some cases is near impossible for various reason reasons.

Can we add a permanent tab for suppliers and sources.

Supplier name (link imbedded), active/not active, brief list of product, ease to deal with (y/n), brief comments

Again this is more of a list that is group updated and not a thread in the normal sense.


Busy Bee Tools
(Slight indent to show the rest)
Active, machinery and tooling, depending on store determines level of service, product varies on quality but a fair starting point.


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I'd suggest using a shared spreadsheet or similar instead of a thread. The Toronto Society of Model Engineers has done something like what you're proposing:

It would be better if one could search and sort the list or apply filters.

Note that suppliers come and go, too. It might be handy to have a field that indicates when the entry was last edited.


Dan Dubeau

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Great Idea. I have a bookmarks folder of Canadian suppliers I like to use, but would always like to find some more, and share the ones I have.


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Yes......thats why I suggested a TAB not a thread.

No discussion like in threads.

I do see the occasional excellent source come up but easily get lost in threads and posts. Specially those that are not commonly used or known.

Six O Two

In other forums, I've sometimes seen sticky posts for suppliers, and the top post contains the big list. Discussion happens below, but the first post is edited to be kept up to date with the results from the discussion below.

Chicken lights

Forum Pony Express Driver
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It’s also hard to list suppliers that are Canada wide. I’ve got about 10 local places I deal with for certain things, I’d highly recommend them all. But those same chains or stores aren’t in other provinces.


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Listing them as good sources even if local is still good. Sources are sources pure and simple, in some cases we can have access to them all with a little help from each other.

In some cases just finding it at one source gives you the information needed to find it elsewhere.


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I created a thread like that for insert information. As the OP, I update the original post based on subsequent discussion or info I see elsewhere.

That sort of thing could be done for this too. It does require a premium membership to retain long term editing rights.

A shared document on line would also work, but access permissions would have to be maintained to prevent abuse.

A dedicated tab for this or other similar threads puts an onus on the Admins that I can't support.
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