Suggestions on what to do with this chunk of steel


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I was given this piece of mystery metal and I am trying to come up with something to do with it. It is 12"x 9"x 2". Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
Well I would first try to figure out what it is - it may be a chunk of cast. If its not cast it is probably mild steel. Tool holders for a lathe are one thing, you can also make with it more interesting stuff for your mill - if your mill is large enough to handle it - like some kind of angle plate. Or keep it for future - it will come in very handy some day.


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I have Multifix B tool holders.
I did some grinding on it to start cleaning it up and I am pretty sure it is mild steel. I was thinking of using my mill to flatten it and square it up and maybe make a small surface plate out of it. Right now I am using on my hydraulic press as a base.


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Let's have a forum build of a giant trebuchet. This can be the counterweight.
What kind of pussy trebuchet are you talking about? The one's I build use a 45gal drum of water as a counterweight:p


Flinging water melons, and cantaloupe etc and almost hitting that second bail LOL
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