Students need to borrow a 110V capable, DC TIG welder.


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Bottom Line Up Front: Students from the University of Calgary are leaving for a collegiate design competition on Monday (May 1), and need to borrow a 110V input, DC TIG welder to take with them. They will be returning to Calgary on May 10th.

I am happy to lend the team my welder, but I need a welder while they are away at competition next week, so if a volunteer is willing, I would propose one of two options.
Option A: Volunteer's welder goes with team to competition.
Option B: I borrow Volunteer's welder if that makes them more comfortable, and the team takes MY welder to competition.

In both cases, I'd be happy to give the volunteer a cash deposit, and of course any damage would be repaired or the welder replaced.

The Schulich School of Engineering within the University of Calgary hosts several engineering design teams, such as Baja SAE (my Team <3), Formula SAE, Solar Car, Electric Motorbike, Concrete Tobaggan, etc.. I was involved with the Baja SAE team for 5 years during my undergrad and internship so they are very close to my heart LOL. My team usually takes the school's welder to competition (Just in case emergency welding needs to take place), but the competition they are competing at is a bit earlier this year and they were just informed by another UofC design team they they need the welder, so the Baja team will be unable to take the school's welder with them.

If you happen to have a 110V DC capable welder that they can borrow, that would be awesome!

Pictured below is the team after the last competition, for guilt tripping purposes ;)

Tom O

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I have one from PA ( scratch start ) that I bought around 2009 I believe it is 100 amps and just needs the gas fitting ( I may still have it ) on the bottle end it also has the stick cables. I bought it to weld in some body panels into a S10 wheel wells.
I’ll send a pic when I get back home.


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Thanks for the welder Tom! They did end up using it so you saved their butts!

Of the 85 teams attending, they were on track to finish 15th I believe, but the student machined gearbox blew up towards the end of the endurance race LOL, so they missed out a few laps. The endurance race score is based on how many laps you can complete in a 4 hour time period.

Overall they came in 22nd which is really exceptionally good considering that as a Canadian team they could not attend the last 3 years of competitions and the team was pretty junior. They are leaving to a second competition on Monday again, but fortunately they can take the school's welder to that one ;).