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CA-AB Steel, aluminum, brass and stainless for sale



A friend in Airdrie has purchased some materials from a local machine shop and now he needs to sell it. There is an assortment of steel, brass, stainless steel and aluminum solid, tube and bar stock in various lengths ranging from short off-cuts to 10' lengths. There is a pile of roughly 30 pieces of 1/2" solid square brass, about 3' long and other shaped lengths as well. I will be heading out on Saturday April 27 to find out his pricing on what he has and I will post more next week.


I now have a price list available


  • BrassBronzeCopper1.pdf
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  • Aluminum spreadsheet1.pdf
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  • Steel Spreadsheet 1.pdf
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Thanks for posting this. Any idea about the alloys? Is it available starting now or specific times or..?


All items are available now. As for the alloys, let me know what you are looking at and I will find an answer to your question. The aluminum is 6061. I do have a few pieces of 2025 in 2.5" round bar about 24" long