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SPI brand (micrometers mainly)


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I dithered on this 0.00005" indicating micrometer for a few reasons A) nice instrument but hard to justify use in my shop B) seller looked to be on-line pawn shop judging by other items, maybe not a bad thing if he didn't know what he had, but these days assume 10 seconds of Google would indicate new one goes for 7X more C) some sketchy 'not as advertised' seller comments & who knows if it was floor dropped or functional - no return sales.

Anyways, I got looking at SPI (Swiss Precision Instruments) as a brand. Looks like MSC & other machinist supply seller list them. I know I've heard of it before, but what is it really? Really Swiss made? A house brand with a zippy name, maybe similar to how Fowler or Enco had their own instruments from various (typically Asian) manufacturers?


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Good questions Peter. Questions like that cross my mind frequently. I have a few really good instruments that I trust, but many more that are questionable.

I have always assumed I needed a few high priced metrology items to calibrate my less expensive stuff. That outlook has saved my bacon more times than I want to remember. Whenever I get questionable results I calibrate and usually end up glad I did.
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SPI is yet another midbrand reseller.

The "Swiss" branding fooled Bert into buying an offshore wheel dresser. It functions fine - so no big deal. but he still thinks that it was made in Switzerland. And they charged him 1600$ for a 200$ offshore wheel dresser.... (OOPS) :mad:
According to Long Island Indicator Service (a well known authority on indicators)
"SPI distributes cheap imports from China under their own SPI brand name even though the acronym stands for "Swiss Precision Instruments". SPI does not provide repair parts nor repair service for their indicators. These have to be considered "throw-aways." The latest models are rip-offs of Mitutoyo models."