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CA-BC Source for light angle iron free

British Columbia

Grant T

I am building a stand on casters for my new to me Kennedy tool box.
I remembered where i got the material for free.
The stores that sell motorized,scooters, wheel chairs etc. often have the frames that those were packed in and have no way to get rid of it. A shop not far from me advertised for anyone to pick that stuff up. I got quite a bit of angle iron, mostly 1/8 x 1 x 1 inch or in that general size. I needed to cut the pieces up with my chop and zip cut after i got home, also some brackets to remove.
This is a good source of free light material. Check out your local stores.
happy hunting
Grant Peachland B.C.

Dan Dubeau

Ultra Member
It's always nice to find stuff like that and put in a little elbow grease to clean it up and put it to use again. Motorcycle shipping crates used to contain some decent angle and tube too.

I was just making a toolbox stand today to, but the opposite end of the spectrum. Bought material that is way too overkill for the job, but it was all I had (2x2x1/4 angle).


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If you see where there us a new subdivision or work on the streets project installing pipes, fire hydrants storm drains and manholes, those municipal castings are shipped on a skid with light bent angle frames.
There will be a mashalling area where they store it all. They will be happy to get rid of it


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Just a few months ago I did see some motorcycle crate frame and indeed they had quite a few good usable length of angle and flat bar. Over the years I have picked lots of bed frames and used them on many projects. I think the older bed frame material were really high carbon steel or something that made them super brittle after welding them together. the newer stuff doesn't give me any problems. I was once told they were made out of recycle train rails.