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SOLD 4 Sale. Starrett Digital Caliper and Micrometer, Carbide insert end mills


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Some tools that I seldom ever use and are duplicates or surplus to my needs. They are all in good working condition and have had little use.
IMG_20190511_160309.jpg IMG_20190511_160422.jpg IMG_20190511_161337.jpg
Starrett #721 6 inch dial caliper. $80
Starrett #734 0-1 inch Digital Micrometer includes new replacement battery. $120
Made in Poland Carbide insert end mills 3/4 7/8 and 1 inch. Includes 8 TPU222 inserts ans 12 TPU212 inserts $100
Ok. Not a big deal, I fly for Westjet..... lots of friends in your neck of the woods. $80 is a deal. Any chance I can call you to tee things up?

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