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RFQ: Drill Guide Bushings


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Hello All

I need some guide bushings made for a special application of a woodworking dowel jig.

The pictures show the general shape: Large Dia approx: 13mm, Small Dia approx 12mm, Length OA approx 33mm
There is a little grub screw dimple in one side.
I would provide example for you to take real measurements from.

Material is some kind of hardened steel but I don't imagine its critical for this application.

What I need are some sets with same outside dimns with smaller ID bore: 3mm, 5mm and posibly 6mm

I need about 12 of each size.

I am located in west GTA (High Park) but am happy to do this remotely through Canada Post or courier.

PM me here if you can help

Thanks much


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Have you looked online at the Yard in Kansas City?
They have aerospace surplus tooling and usually many types of bushings.
Maybe they could be adapted for your project


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Jeebus, I'da figured the results of a web search for drill bushings, online, would have left the OP basically busy trying to sort out the options...

They can be got in so many ID/OD combinations that it makes the head spin, trying to figure out why they are so cheap!