Question about modelling and 3D printing a part


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OMG Gerrit. That is a hidden gem of a feature......

I am just coming up for air from my tax and farm duties. I have a little time now.

I'm gunna do a deeper dive into Fusion and see what I can do with this.....

Question - will it do more views to create 3D parts or do you have to "extrude" them?

Another Question - what 3D printer do you recommend (with what options)?

And yet another question LOL! Can I install the hobby version of Fusion on more than one computer?

OK, sorry. No more questions. This round anyway......
I use canvasses all the time.

Also some parts are much easier to create using "revolve" with a profile. Particularly cylindrical tools with critical internal dimensions and undercuts.

These were all revolved as a starting point from a sketch profile







My Prusa mk3 is very much setup and forget. it's what I use for most things. my enders are more for specialty things cause I can customize them for certain jobs. if you want something to just work, buy a Prusa printer but know you will be paying for that just works quality.
Agree. I have one too. Bambu has some very fast printers now in the same price range that also sound like they are reliable. I would be tempted by those as well. I'm waiting for a Prusa XL.