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Pump Oiler?


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Found this for $5 in the thrift store kitchen section. The mechanism makes me think it is water mister but possibly an oiler?
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The nozzle or tip will be different for misting than for oiling. I'm not sure if the pump mechanism itself would be much different.
Could probably just drill out the tip if need be.


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I use those with synthetic coolant, work just fine. Lenox Band-Ade @ 20:1. The spray tip unscrews, easy to tweak it for a stream instead of a mist. And all-metal so won’t melt from stray grinding sparks and minor explosions. With some thrift store searching I found a glass bottle with the same thread and use the bottle instead of the brass canister. I can see the fluid level without having to unscrew the pump.

I bet it works just fine with oil, the pump mechanism is very simple and is a positive displacement design so should be immune to viscosity effects.