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Project Plans Forum - read this before you post


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This is the forum to share project plans on how to build something. The bare minimum for a post here is:
  • A description of what your project does.
  • A photo of the actual item preferably demonstrating its use. ie. it actually works. (theoretical or in progress projects can be posted in the projects forum)
  • Some sort of plan, drawing, model, something that can be followed to actually make the project.
  • Pictures of plans can be directly uploaded.
  • More sophisticated files are welcomed, like PDF's, 3d models, .STL files, .DXF, Fusion or CAD model exports. In order to attach those files please consolidate all the files into a single .zip archive and upload the archive. The forum does not support many file types so building a .zip archive is necessary.
Some do's & don't's.
  • Don't ask for project plans. Requests go in other forum areas. A moderator may move your request for plans to another part of the forum in order to keep the project plans area clean.
  • Start a new thread for each distinct project
  • You agree you won't use the plans for a commercial enterprise. You can make some for work - but don't go into business making the item. If you want to do that talk to the member who published the item.
  • You agree to not copy and republish these materials elsewhere - instead just link to this site.
  • If you see projects elsewhere that are relevant just post links to that site. Don't copy those materials and repost them here.
The rules if you post:
  • Your plans & drawings will not be sold to anyone by us.
  • Your posted materials remain your property. But people can make the project. Otherwise what is the point?
  • By posting, you agree to permit and license us without limitation to use and display them on the site, and you agree not to remove them, or render them unusable.
  • You agree not to disable the plans and drawings or posts should you withdraw your membership to the forum, or be asked to withdraw.
  • Members are welcome and encouraged to make revisions and post their variations as separate files and posts.
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