Princess selling Petrobond sand

This caught my eye too and initially I was set to buy a couple of pails. But it is expensive for sure even on sale. After some research I decided to mix my own green sand using supplies from my local pottery making supplier instead.


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wow. I bought 100lbs of that a long time ago from Budget Casting Supply for under $200 delivered....... Love that stuff.

Now BCS won't ship to Canada anymore, and doesn't offer the sand.


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My green sand is still from about 20 years ago. Bought as bags from I don't remember where. It's coarser than I'd like but doesn't require a muller to reconstitute the burned petrobond which is one reason I've stayed away from that.

Just toss in some water and mix a day or two before.
I built a sand fluffer to break up the hard chunks. My Sand Fluffer