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Price for 4140


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I may have an opportunity to sell my piece of 7” OD 4140. What would be a fair price?

Also I’m looking pieces less than 3” OD.

Tom Kitta

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I sold mine at $1 per lbs. I have plenty of 6" 7" even 9" 4140 and 4330. Length from short to like ... 5ft long. For larger pieces people wanted a quantity discount. Not sure whatever that is a fair price - it is certainly way cheaper then you can get commercially from anyone.

Less then 3" as in 3" and 2"? These are more "premium" then larger stuff due to being more useful. How big of a piece you would need?


I’m in Prince George. But I found some 2” round hot rolled at my local crop steel guy today. He usually doesn’t have any thing that big but I got lucky today