PMDX-126 breakout board with PMDX-107 spindle control add on


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With the recent thread about Mach 3 I thought it might be a good time to sell some parts I have that are for use with Mach 3. I have a PMDX breakout board with the 107 spindle control board add on. They both work fine but I switched to Centroid based controls.

The current price for these at the manufacturer are $188 USD for the breakout board and $57 USD plus the usual shipping and taxes. I will sell the pair for $150 CDN shipped anywhere in Canada.

DSC_0773.JPG DSC_0774.JPG


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Just to help with the description. Compared to standard break out boards this one has the ability to support the feature called chargepump. This is a signal sent from MACH or LinuxCNC that is not just a level but a frequency output. If for some reason the PC running the CNC software goes bye-bye the charge pump, which is created by software, not hardware, vanishes and the machine goes into ESTOP. So a runaway or failed PC won't keep the spindle spinning or motors turning.

It has it's own 120 or 220 volt input power supply for running things so even with an ESTOP you can maintain this part ON for safety. This was the frame of my system on the bench before it went into a cabinet.


Granted this isn't as cheap as one of the $8 BoBs but it also does more and with the PMDX-107 provides a decent 0-10V for a VFD. Much better than that little blue board from China which I have here mounted on an interface carrier board for my Bergerda Spindle AC Servo. PWMSpindle-1.jpg

So I think that PMDX-126 is a useful addition if you are going CNC.


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I currently have a Syil x4 with a DMM BMB4250-8B breakout board. The DMM breakout board doesn't have optically isolated inputs and seems to be lacking compared to other control boards, so that is why I am contemplating an upgrade.