Tool Pipe Anvil



Hello All,

I have been thinking of building a Pipe Anvil. There are a few Youtube video, but I was wondering if anyone on here built one? What size did you build? Any tips or tricks?


Interesting! I’ve formed plenty of sheet metal on makeshift jigs but have never seen a pipe anvil.

I suppose the size would depend on what rads you want to make. I see a couple of examples with bolt on smaller side tubes so you could collect a rack of pipes for whatever rads you happened to need to bend.

I imagine the side tubes would be good for capturing one edge of the sheet while you form the rest.

What do you have in mind to make with the tool?

D :cool:


I just assumed i’d weld it but having a rack of different pipes to bolt on is a good idea.

I actually have no current plans right now but always seem to be needing this that or the other thing bent. I’m working on another fire pit that i could have used it for a few weeks ago, I ended up bending what i needed over my knee, but it got me thinking.