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Pin and Wheel, Acetal / Delrin




I'm looking for someone to make a small wheel and pin (5 of each) from Acetal or Delrin Rod. Overall dimensions are:

Pin - Dia.23mm x 31mm long with one step.
Wheel - Dia.51mm x 25.4mm long with a few steps and bores.

I can email detailed drawings.



Hey Kevin,

You can pm me the drawings, as I would be interested in taking a look.

Do you have the material or does it need to be supplied?
How soon are you looking at needing them??

I'm located in Sherwood park

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Hi Jon. I can't figure out how to pm but the drawings should be attached below. I can supply the material. Not in a huge rush but ideally within 4 weeks.

Thanks for taking a look,


  • Pin,Hardware.pdf
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  • Wheel,Hardware.pdf
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Interesting drawings. Twenty questions... Why is the threaded hole in the pin offset by 1.5mm from centre? Why Delrin or Acetal instead of steel or aluminium perhaps? The wheels have some very specific small radius on the inside dimension. What is that for? Did you get any quotes on this from pro shops? How much? Thanks for posting - it's interesting.
One more, what are these parts for? Pictures would be viewed avidly by the group.


These parts are for barn door hardware. The threaded hole is offset to allow for some adjustment / alignment of the doors. I'm not 100% sure this is necessary but I've noticed the door frame, where I'm installing these doors, is not square. The wheel needs to be softer than aluminum but the pin could easily be another material. The small radius in the wheel is to accept a bearing. There doesn't need to be a radius here but it cannot be bigger than specified. I haven't gotten any quotes as I'm not familiar with any local shops. Open to some suggestions though :)


  • Hardware Use.pdf
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  • Hanger,Assembly.pdf
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Cool, looks like a very fun project! If my lathe was in one piece I'd offer to help, but that'll be a while.

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If it was me I would probably make the pins out of aluminum instead of the plastic, they might last longer in the long term.

And I could probably help you out but I don't think I could do it until after chirstmas. As I think my girlfriend would not approve before Christmas.