Picked this up last week


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I bought it for the endmills and ended up with a couple of tool posts, a faceplate, and 6" Bison chuck.

I got the endmills for a good price but they all have a taper on the end. All the tapers are different from 60 degrees to 87 and I was wondering what they would have been used for. I was thinking for valve seats but not sure.

I can't use the tool posts or faceplate so I plan on cleaning them up and and selling them at some point.

C Tool post and holders.jpg Tool Post and holders.jpg faceplate.jpg Endmills.jpg


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what size/type tool posts and what type of spindle for the face plate? I'm looking for an L0 face plate and a CXA toolpost.


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The tool post is a piston type and uses the CXA holders. There are 4 holders.
Here are a few more pictures. I was more interest in finding out what the why the endmills had that grind on them. I really didn't think the items would get much interest or I would have posted them in the for sale and done a better job of providing descriptions. Sorry guys I don't have access to the internet when I am out in the shop so I only check it when I am in the house.


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Tom O

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I’m interested in a cxa tool post also those 4 sided single height things I hate.
I am looking for 3/4” tool holders though.


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Nice haul! Lots of nice goodies.

(I have self control and therefore am not interested in any of it...and I'm going to keep telling myself that)


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Ok, Crittermutt and I have agreed on a price for the Multifix, so it has been tentatively sold.


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I believe you are right with regards to the faceplate. The chuck is mounted on a backplate with a taper on it. I am not sure what it was mounted on. Definitely not a lathe.