Tips/Techniques Parasitic Draw of Cordless Tools



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So - my experience with buying non-brand name batteries for my Milwaukee cordless tools has been very mixed. Mostly the batteries themselves keep working, but they are poorly put together. One 12-volt drill fell off my table and, while the drill itself was fine, the off-brand battery was destroyed. Just last week, another 12-volt one came apart while I was using the impact driver to make some threads. All of my Milwaukee-brand batteries are fine - although after maybe 8 years, some are getting pretty weak.


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I have some 12 AH knock off batteries and I'm afraid the only battery I have broken is a genuine Milwaukee 5 Ah.
I bounced it off the concrete from a 6ft ladder. I glued it together with Gorilla glue and it held together til I did it again, and I have re-glued it.
It is very hard to beat the Milwaukee M18 battery, and impossible to understand the cost of it.