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Apparently I'm going to need to do a fair bit of sheet metal shrinking in the future on the Datsun.
I have an old oxy/acetylene regulator. Will that work if I use oxy and propane? or do I need a different setup.? I got rid of the oxy/ acetylene tanks years ago because I never used it and got tired of paying rent on the bottles.


Needs a different regulator for the propane, different hoses (T I believe?), and different torch heads...almost better off just buying a whole new outfit for it.


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I went Oxy Propane a few years back. I can confirm, different regulator, hoses, tips....... I bought both regulators/hoses in case I get the urge for Acetylene down the road.

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An acetylene regulator will work on a propane tank such as a 20 pound tank as long as you have the right connector to the tank. I use the left hand thread, male nut to on the regulator. Same red hose to the torch. If you are using a cutting torch, you will need a propane style tip, it is a 2 piece. What brand of torch do you have, Princess Auto sells Victor style cutting tips. They are hard to light, the trick is to put the tip on the work bench at about a 45 degree angle, light with a striker while the tip is still on the table then adjust the oxygen while keeping the torch tip setting on the table at that angle, works well.
If you are using a regular welding tip, it will work but will be hard to light and adjust, use some patience the first few times. Keep the propane and oxy pressures both at about 5psi.


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I can attest...a cutting tip should be a propane tip...I have an old Miller-Smith torch. It is highly recommended to get the T type hose's. Acetylene hose doesn't appreciate what propane can do to it. It'll still work, but long term use will degrade the hose.
I went through Linde as well for both items. Bit of a shit show with my local outlet, but they did give me a discount for the shenanigans.
Now if anyone has a rosebud for a Miller...I'm interested
- Mike


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Only thing you need is a propane tip

The internal left hand thread is the same for propane/acetylene/mapp gas

If you don't have grade t hoses, they will degrade eventually


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Thanks for all the advice, gents.
Turns out all the hoses, tips and torches are AWOL somewhere and I now know what a busted regulator looks like. I had seen it in the bottom of the drawer sometime ago but when I dug it out it looked like my nephew had been doing hammer practice.
New torches, tips, tanks and hoses acquired today.