Tool Optical Center Punch



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Thought I'd make an optical center punch. Turned ok. I'm surprised at the accuracy.
The body is brass, the punch is hardened 4140, and the lens is 3/4" acrylic rod. Had a spare Starrett box, so a little foam and I'm done
punch 1.jpg

Here's a look thru the lens with a black background and red Dykem background. The cross hairs are .001 deep cuts cuts with 60' chamfer bit.
Black background.jpg

Red background.jpg


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I appreciate the hell out of this. Why buy the tool, when you can make the tool?
Ok, maybe when super critical, life dependant accuracy is needed..but for the home gamer....hell yeah


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I have one and it works well but slow.

Scribe crisp line with a carbide scribe. With a fine sharp punch lay the tip in one line slide it till it stops at the intersecting line. while keeping contact with the surface raise punch till vertical, tap with a small hammer. Done quick and accurate.

Need a deeper bigger center get out a 90 point punch and enlarge to hit with it and a bigger hammer.