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Ontario Meet and Greet - Fall 2022????

Fall Meet and Greet

  • Yes, Lets Do it up!!!

    Votes: 11 100.0%
  • Nope, Screw that....far too busy

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters

Brent H

Ultra Member
Hey Folks!!

Any interest in a Fall Meet and Greet?

I could host again or perhaps a more exotic location and some other machines to look at? Not saying I won't have any new things but ......

I know a few folks could not make the spring one due to planting or driving great distance....... yes, I also realize folks sometimes can't plan too far ahead.....but...just putting it out there...

Baiting the waters...
Chumming for bites...
Trolling .......
Distracting the audience from @YYCM 's 9.5 inches of pink steel
Checking the weather...
Gazing off to the horizon......


Ultra Member
Premium Member
Sounds a lot like somebody getting VERY close to retirement......

Oct/Nov is Harvest Season.

Alternate location welcome too. Lots of Kitchener Cambridge area members.


Super User
Let me know if there are a few dates you're thinking and I'll lock it in the calendar! I have a few annual fall backcountry portage trips being planned so will come outherwise.


Depending where it is, I may be interested. I've met a couple members off here now that are local-ish, so a couple more wouldn't hurt.