Online meetup? May 9/2020 Saturday 10AM?


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I've used several on-line meeting systems just lately and I'm not impressed. Even with just a few participants, they don't work for anything more than a presentation with everyone else just watching!


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If you follow Schnier, you will see tht zoom has gotten worse, not better.
I had a zoom conference call with my lawyer, the experience was so bad I wanted to fire my lawyer. Using the supplied links to join meetings, 2 participants were connected in a meeting, and two others were connected but clearly in another meeting. When I contacted my lawyer to explain he got snarky and rude implying we were too stupid to connect properly... we never managed to hold the meeting on zoom.


We use Microsoft Teams at work...generally works quite well even with dozens of people on it. You still really need to take your turn to talk, but it's not too bad when people do overlap.