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Not loading at Timmies strange!

Tom O

Ultra Member
Ok so I’m at Tim Hortons on 36th st where I have been having my morning coffee for months well the last few days this site won’t load and since it is the first site looked at I figured the wifi was down and switched to wifi using the phone. Yesterday I tried Madmodder site first with no problem although CMW site won’t load. I’m using a IPad with Safari any ideas.
this it what I see although the address is refreshing at a rapid pace.

this also popped up if it is any help.


Tom Kitta

Ultra Member
It looks like a component called "railgun" which is software that is used for advanced caching of dynamic content failed. It is used for website performance improvement.

This is probably enabled through control panel website on the host.

I would try to open site in incognito mode and see whatever it still happens. If it does and does not in other locations, it can be an issue with connection - it may have some security that prevents cache from working properly.


Ultra Member
Premium Member
Frankly, I find that our website undergoes frequent periods of time when it is not available or when I experience long delays. I attribute it to the bandwidth of the hosting server and competing traffic at the server end. This is an inevitable outcome of internet traffic growth and congestion. It is very unlikely that WiFi access from a Tim Hortons has any traffic priority.

It is especially irritating when I accidentally press "submit" and then try to fix it as quickly as possible before others see it but can't access the server.

I simply live with it and try again a few moments or hours later.