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Noga Magnetic Base Indicator Holder

Hello list, I 'm fed up with not having a reliable fine adjust magnetic base for my not so better quality indicators. So my questions here are mainly focused on that.

Now you don't have to sell me on owning reliable bases or indicators what I'm really interested in is which is the better in a hobby shop setting. I find FAB and FAT (fine adjust bottom & top) magnetic bases. My experience with an adjustable (Princess Auto) base leaves me bewildered asking myself why did I bother.

That said, I'm willing to bite the bullet and prepared to resolve the issue with better gear. Then you have the question of indicator brands like Fowler, Mitutoyo, Starrett, Teclock etc. How much does one spend on a name brand indicators to move planned projects forward?

One finds KBC (page 19) has a sale on a Noga FAT model DG61003 at $128.40 which sounds reasonable. One also hears the sad stories of so many counterfeit and/or knock-offs being sold on e-bay and amazon to make me not go there, "CYA cover your %#&& butt".

Basically I'm open to experience, common sense, and your insight.

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I'm partial to Noga. Nice quality. They come on sale if you are not in a hurry. They also offer quite a few different head styles, so familiarize yourself with that aspect. Some brands only have say a .375" hole or 8mm hole (for dial indicators). Or its an extra hard to find do-dad to attach a lug back. Others have a combo round hole for dial indicator & dovetail for test indicator which I find useful. And to make your life miserable, some DTI's have slightly different dovetail dimensions. Nothing wrong with Starrett or Mitutoyo but they seem to be spendier & depending on the model, kind of old school with adjust-ability.

Amazon sells Noga & sometimes with Prime or discount you can get a good deal.

They don't seem to me cloned under pretenses as often as calipers & things as best I can tell, although I'd never make a bet. Kind of a side note but I'm curious when you see a manufacturer reference like this if there is a way to cross reference this as legit manufacturer? I'm not sure if that's just an internal Amazon cross reference that re-sellers when they list or if it helps make a case if you get sold a clone & want a refund. OTOH, I guess nothing stopping a shady seller from listing it as 'Noga' when they know full well its a 'Moga' LOL



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I find Fine adjust on top to be easy to use. I've never tried FAB bases. I have a few cheap bases, but I love my Noga.