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New Printer CB20

Colten Edwards

Friend of mine bought a Tevo Tornado after selling his flsun cube to me. Since then, Ive given up on my delta and have started to build a new printer. It's a CB20 which is basically a cr10 with dual Z and a 500x500x500 print volume. Right now just waiting on a few parts from across the ocean. Today I made some parts out of 3/16 aluminum plate on my cnc router.


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What are you going to print with that huge printer? Sounds interesting.

Colten Edwards

It's a cncrouterparts.com partial kit. I purchased all the steel parts from them and sourced my extrusion/CRS in Canada from a company called Faztech in Quebec. Currently using Mach3, but I have Mach4 Industrial which I will switch to at some point. I was a early bird purchaser of Mach4, so I got a free Industrial license when it came available. I use Ger21's screenset for Mach3 and I really like it. It's one of the reasons I haven't switched over to Mach4 yet. The other is the lack of a driver for the XHC HB04 wireless MPG I use. That issue is now a non-issue since I wrote a plugin for it.

My control system itself is a Smoothstepper attached to a cnc4pc C32 board. I also have an additional C10 board connected to the Smoothstepper. G320x servo drivers from Geckodrive and 1100oz/in servo's on xyza. My spindle is a chinese watercooled 2.2kw with VFD from ebay which uses ER20 collets. Guess what collets I use on my King KC20VS milling machine? :)

I printed a hovercraft using my delta printer. I had to split the frame in two pieces. I will be able to print the whole frame as one piece. I've also tried some other things that I could not print as one piece. Of course it took something like 34 hours for each half of that hovercraft. So that will be interesting :)

Colten Edwards

Been awhile to complete my 3d printer. Finally have it up and running and just starting to get it tuned. Printing a R8 Collet rotary rack for the mill right now... It's looking good for now on the 4th try. Print will take a total of 11 hours and can be found on thingiverse if you're interested.