New hobbyist from Quebec

I've been a quiet member since last winter when I signed up but now decided to say hello. I bought a King Industrial combo mill/lathe last January and made some chips with it. Few tough lessons learned later, I trust I have improved my skills and knowledge into the art. Because I believe that machining is a form of art. You've got to be creative in order to produce something out of raw material. I'm an engineer and I'm simply fascinated by those who create things. Really want to be part of the gang.! I'm currently building and aircraft from a kit. Time to time I need parts that are most of the time impossible to get at a decent price from local machine shops. They just HATE fabricating your little gizmo because it is disruptive among their big client workflow.

Just sold the combo yesterday and ordered a BB CX706. This is a model I feel will fit better my needs. I wanted to have a variable speed machine to avoid changing speed through pulleys and straps. A "motorized" cross-feed is a feature I really appreciated from my former machine although, not really working well despite countless hours troubleshooting. I hope this one will operate better.

Cheers to you all.


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There is another fellow from Gatineau, QC on this forum. He has built an Ultralight aircraft. Search for Marc Moreau‘s posts. I believe he introduced his aircraft in one of them. Great stuff.
Welcome from Hamilton Ontario! Love the idea of a home built aircraft! Hope to hear more about it!
I thought maybe I could share few pictures of my two current project. One is the aircraft build; an RV-14A. The kit comes from Van's Aircraft in Oregon, USA. I'm now 6 years into that build.

The other one is a Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 which I converted from a "Low" version to a "Scrambler" style. I just finish fabricating the air filter to increase the engine breathing capacity. Below is a picture "before" vs "after". That "after" version now bears parts fabricated with my 3D printer AND the combo lathe/mill. I love my personal workshop !! AV-AP - Copy.jpg


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We are a few builder around here banging rivets and sometime composite material like so in the rest of Canada. Proportionally, I'd say we compare to our neighbors south of the border.
Some one else on this forum has a 1/2 built ultralight that has turned into a life long project. For the life of me I can't recall who that is.