New guy - Taber alberta, Hello!


Brand new guy from southern Alberta, Taber. I found this forum in my search for a used lathe…. And decided to join up.

A bit about me: 30, electrician, instrument tech, metalworking enthusiast, along with CAD, plc programming, bear hunting…. And more.

As far as metalworking goes my current gear consists of grinders, sawzall, measuring equipment, a drill press, TIG/Stick welding setup, 3D printers, and tradesman’s tools for my two trades.

I would LOVE to find a Standard Modern 1440….. even a Modern with tools and accessories would make me happy….. any connections would be appreciated.

Before someone asks…. Yes I have electrical experience on machine tools and CNC, I also have significant experience with VFD’s and phase converters..…. If someone has a PITA electrical issue within a few hours of me i could be coaxed into helping out…. Especially for a hookup with some old quality Canadian Iron.

I will also try to check the forums for electrical issues and help where I can….I also have some drives on my shelf someone here might be interested in. I’ll post in classifieds.