Need some metal


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I need a piece of mild steel 2"x3"x5". Hot rolled would be fine. I'm rebuilding an old shaper and need to fabricate a new clapper box.



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Keep us posted when you latch onto something. Did someone mention Federal in another post? ie. they were not as keen on walk-in small qty anymore?

I'd hate to recommend MetSup for anything, but might turn out to be the lesser evil if you can't source from scrap or somebodies cuttings. It would be a heavy lump to ship if you found online.

I sure wish there was a Canadian equivalent to these guys. That chunk in nice cast iron would set you back a whopping 25$ sold by the inch.
I was thinking about making a mini XY table for kind of a cutter/grinder jig (long story). My limited experience with CI turning my cylinder liner was that it was a bit messy but easy to machine & probably more dimensionally stable. Some chunks of that would probably be good for machine applications like yours.

I want to see that shaper one day. Bring it to the next coffee meeting, ha-ha