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My propane Forge, burner issues.

Hi all,
I posted a video on YouTube showing off my forge and I need some advice. The description in the video comments says it all. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I watched the video and the flame seems cool as well as the forge chamber. Give me a shout at 403 618 1298 and maybe we can sort out the problem.

Thanks Chad, I may call on you this weekend. Pretty busy these days. That said I modified my forge a bit today. Did some cutting of 2" conduit, drilled holes and taped them for 1/4 support screws and WELDED FOR THE FIRST TIME! It was a piss poor weld but it holds. My flame is about 200 x better than before but I still get a lot of blue flame belching from the opening at the front. Perhaps I need to enlarge my exhaust hole (1 1/4" atm).
Here's a couple pics, one of the new burner support and of the flame coming from my burner. I also removed all the threads in the 1" side of my flare for less drag on the gas. Seems much better now. I was able to get 1" steel rod red hot in about 4-5 minutes.

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I use a similar burner in a melting furnace. In a furnace you need to seal around where the burner goes into it so it doesn’t suck in any extra air. I don’t know if the same applies with a forge.


How is performing now? I had similar problems with my first burner. What I did was machine a stainless steel nozzle that nozzle impedes the flow and decreases the air coming into the ventri. I upsized the tube to fit the hole in the side of the forge as John suggests to keep air from being sucked in around the burner and not mixed into the propane. 030 mig nozzle pointed straight down the centerline of the burner; important to get the mixture right. No joints in the main burner tube anywhere. Smooth flow is best. Bring your nozzle up inside the insulation of the forge so it last longer and stays out of the way to the steel. Hope that helps


Adding air or restricting the gas flow to create a complete combustion within the burn chamber. fully controllable air is very important, sometimes it requires more than you think.