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Tool My name is…and I’m a tool junkie


Tom Kitta

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I just go two more vises. Now I will have 10.... But I plan selling two to go back to 8. So I guess it is all OK.

But I am also getting 4 more drill chucks, two will be sold with drill presses but the other 2 look nice...


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Been doing a bit of reorganizing and these three tool junkie candidates came up. I'm thinking of selling these...bloody hard to price. A Starrett 24" square is about 3000 CDN....how do you price a used 40? Or that bore gauges is still made...5800 CDN!!. Anyway, I thought I'd go for homeshop gold with these offerings...anyuone have their duplicates? Dabbler probably has matching pairs of each lol. Maybe someone will want to buy some, but more likely you toolaholics will just get a kick out of them. Be the first on your block with a 40" precision square!

The bench btw is 24x48"

60" Challenge Camel back reference flat (straight edge).




40" M&W grade A square



Starrett 1100-30, 12-30" dial bore gauge Actually does outside dimensions as well



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