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Museum of Making Meetup


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The Museum of Making is a world-class private museum of machine tools and much more just west of Calgary. alincochrane used to be a curator there, and has great stories to tell about its early days. Info can be found at https://museumofmaking.org/about/

I am asking the curator for a tour for all of us. We would have to agree on a date that will include most of us, so my guess is a Saturday or Sunday. Shall we try for June? This place has lathes, planers, shapers and milling machines as well as at least one huge steam engine. Once I make contact I'd like to pass on the organizing to someone who is is more adept at meetup, etc. any takers?

[I tried to post this as a poll, but couldn't find the option in the advanced editor; my bad!]


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I found out some 'inside information' that the best time for us to go is a week after Stampede in July. Right now and until; stampede they are erecting all their new exhibits for their big Stampede event, and would probably put us off anyway.

How does July 14th sound?


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The museum hosts a barbacue for the captains of industry, where they unveil their most recent exhibits. Right now they are scambling to get everything 'right' for the party.
July 14th works for me too. Would love to go! I've been wanting to go for quite a few years, but after I spoke with Alincochrane last weekend, want to go even more.
That place looks really cool, I'd love to have a look at it too. July 14 would be OK for me as long as it was morning or early afternoon as I work the night.